Sunday, 7 April 2013

Amish: A Secret Life

I discovered this beautifull and very humble portrait of a real Amish family's life. They are an Old Order family from Pensylvania, who simply want people in the world to truly know who the Amish are and why they live the way they do. I believe everyone who watches this, will be blessed :)


  1. Thank you Linda for sharing this link. I found time this evening to watch this wonderful documentary and was blessed indeed by it! I really appreciated what the husband said at the end about true happiness. May God bless this beautiful family for their courage in choosing to share about their life.

  2. Amen to what you said Ann. My husband and I watched it together and loved it..our daughter also was blessed by it. They are very courageous, filled with the Holy Spirit, and desire only to bring glory to God by their lives.Lovely to hear from you Ann, bless your family - Linda :)

  3. Thanks for the wonderful link.
    Thanks also for following my blog. (untanglingtheskein/anythingbutordinary)

    I've been a bit MIA lately (crazy fam stuff going on) but
    hope to get back in the swing of things soon.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Tammy. I understand regards the busyness...I have a blog still to finish off, before its outdated lols :) Bless you

  5. Thank you for sharing this :)


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