Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Ordinary days

Hi everyone :)
Lately I've been trying to find time to write this blog, but whenever I thought about what to write, nothing of any great consequence came to mind. Sometimes during my quiet time, I may have a little inspiration and think to share, but before I know it the time has slipped away and I need to get on with the days tasks. I enjoy reading other people's blogs so much, even if they're just everyday happenings, so I finally decided that I will do a post about that, just what I'm currently doing :)

S P E C I A L  E V E N T S:
My husband and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary on Feb 23rd.  We went away for a couple of days in Wellington a few weeks back, so considered that our celebration time, but still exchanged cards and a lovely meal. We're not a couple that really take many photos, but this is one of us on holiday in the South Island of New Zealand about 2 years ago. My husband doesn't have that lovely beard anymore.

I N  T H E  G A R D E N:
I'm mostly just harvesting at the moment. Summers ended and Autumn is nearly upon us. Leaves are started to change colour and there's a little nip in the air in the early morning.
The Lord has blessed us with an abundance from the garden once again. We ate our way through peaches, plums, apricots, peachacots and many many zucchini. We're picking tons of tomatoes, which  so far I've turned into Salsa and Tomato relish. I may still try to make and either bottle or freeze pasta sauce and some stewed tomatoes for Winter soups and stews. I also managed to preserve
about a dozen bottles of plums (which my husband likes on his breakfast.) before we ate them all.

I spotted these dried peas the other day, so quickly picked the pods and shelled them with my grandaughter one day.
At the moment we're picking Cox's Orange apples - a lovely old fashioned apple with a slight tartness.

W H A T   I'M  R E A D I N G:
Before I go to sleep:
'A Land of sheltered promise, by Jane Kirkpatrick. I love her books and have read quite a few of them.  She's a Christian author and all her novels that I have read are based on true historical events .

and during my quiet time, I read:
My Bible
The word for today ( a little booklet that contains short devotionals, our church gives out) and
The imitation of Christ - by Thomas A Kempis . I've read this several times before and just love its depth. It never fails to make me have to honestly examine myself in the light of the nature of Christ. An excellent read. This book was first published in 1503.

W H A T  I'M  C O O K I N G:
Trim Healthy Mama meals of course :) I'm several months into this way of eating now, and can see me just eating this way for the rest of my life. I feel well, no more tummy bloating and less aches and pains. 

I like to keep my freezer stocked with THM muffins, Buns (carb free) - which I use as Hamburger buns and frozen preps like bags of chopped onion, celery, peppers, which make for speedy crock pot cooking, frozen cooked pumpkin & apple sauce, that I add to muffins and frozen cauliflower. I've also been enjoying 'Fotatoes', which is just cauliflower cooked & pureed with a little cream, butter and seasonings, while my husband has potatoes. I don't really miss potatoes, rice, pasta or bread..surprisingly. 
Here's a great link for anyone interested in Trim Healthy Mama cooking/baking. I purchased Briannas Cookbook a while back, which comes spiral bound. It's choc full of healthy/low carb/sugar free/healthy fats style of cooking.

W H A T  B R I N G S  M E  J O Y:
Sharing this walk of faith with my dear husband :0)
I snapped this picture of him one Saturday morning. There he was up early sitting out on the verandah reading his Bible ~ his faith inspires me and his love of the word of God brings me endless joy. Every night before we go to sleep, he reads a chapter of the bible. We started this a while back...a year or two. We are up to the Gospel of Luke...but we skipped over the Psalms, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon..we will return to those books :) 

W H A T'S   F I L L I N G  M Y  D A Y S:
2 days a week I help out at my daughters, with cooking, cleaning etc, as she's home schooling our grandies :) The other days I'm busy at home, cooking and cleaning..notice a pattern here :) and keeping busy with my small soap business. Pictured below - Lemon Eucalyptus, in the mold and then cut. yes my soapy obsession continues. 

G O A L S   I'VE   S E T:
I wanted to get fit again, along with losing a few pounds and I am well on my way, thanks to a new treadmill. !! .I usually walk on it and the occasional few minuted of jogging about 5 days a week, for about 20 - 30 minutes, depending how much time I have and then I  go for a long walk with my husband on Saturday morning (weather permitting).  
I am so thankful to have another treadmill again, as I have Asthma, and am limited as to when I can go walking outside eg. too much pollen in the air, too damp, too hot etc etc. I also don't like to go to the gym, so a treadmill at home is perfect for me. It only requires good sneakers and comfortable clothes :) I can go at my own pace and it has built in fans - perfect. I set up my tablet on the large console and watch various you tube vlogs I follow. Before I know it 20 minutes has whizzed by. For anyone reluctant to exercise, I say - try a treadmill !!! Walking is probably the only form of exercise I enjoy.

~ ~ ~ o 0 o ~ ~ ~

Well that's about all from me for now. I hope this little blog will bring encouragement to someone. I'll close with a favorite scripture and a couple of Thomas A Kempis quotes. ~ Blessings to anyone who stops by ~ Linda xo

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