Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


This morning in my prayer time I was lifting up Pastors all over the world 
and especially those who are imprisoned for their faith. I was also praying for persecuted Christians who have to gather to worship in secret for fear of being arrested.

I thought of those people who are actively trying to rid their towns of Christians 
and an image came to mind of a man in a field. 
It was very hot and dry and because of that little fires were breaking out everywhere. 
The man was trying in vain to stamp out the fires, but no sooner did he think
 he'd done it than another one would break out not far from him. 

The fire of God that ignites, illuminates and reveals the Lord's mercy, grace and love to human hearts is unstoppable. Throughout history man has tried to come against the gospel and yet the more it is opposed the faster it grows. Why?? 
Because it is supernatural and not of this world. 
It's not something that can ever be stopped. 

I find this awesome, powerful and empowering.

Dear Lord - may I always strive to be bold in my witness for you, and to never shrink back even if I'm abused or people make fun of me. Help me to always remember your great sacrifice for me and to pray regularly for the millions of Christians around the world who suffer daily just for believing in you. Help me to lift them regularly in prayer, standing strong in faith, trusting and 'believing' that you hear my prayers and will answer them.  May those believers who suffer know they're not alone - In Jesus precious Name ~ Amen

Monday, 11 September 2017

August ?

Hi everyone,
my oh my I can't believe its already 11th September !!! where did August go? I started writing this post in August, then filed it and am just now getting back to it..
It's Spring time here in New Zealand and we're seeing lots of sunnier days, but still also cold winds and even some hail today !!
Daffodils are blooming in various parts of the garden and little baby lambs can be seen out in the fields when I'm out driving.

On a less joyful note, our sweet cat Muffin passed away suddenly. One minute he was fine, happy, eating, sitting on laps, doing everything he loved to do. The next day he was no where to be found. At the end of the day (Friday night) we found him under the house, very pitiful, not wanting to move. He gave us some final little squeaks (as he was never one to really fully meow), then his little body slumped down, he closed his eyes and died shortly after. What a terrible sad shock !!!  I have spent the week wishing I had spent more time with him, as I'm sure people do say and think things like that after a dear one dies. When he was a younger cat he loved to frolic in the garden with me and pretty much wherever I was in the garden he was never far away :) What a sweet memory. 

This weekend I did some gardening - preparing garden beds for Spring planting and transplanted some Raspberry canes down the back of the section. Muffin is buried not far away and I tell myself he's just sleeping down the back - it helps. I miss him and his quiet ways. He was a very gentle cat. Thank you Lord for what Muffin brought to our lives. We enjoyed him for around 9 human years. 

We also had our dear son Louis move out (again), it was his second re-launch :) We miss his presence here at the house very very much (and our wee grandson who stayed every second night), but we're happy for them that they get to experience a new season in life and all the joys and no doubt challenges that it will bring. xox
This is a picture of them from a few years back - 2 handsome guys xox

So my days have mostly been filled with times of reflection, sadness, cleaning (of course), baking (as per), lots of soap making !!!!, a little gardening, and plenty of preparing for September, which is a big birthday month for us with around 4 birthdays !!!, plus Fathers Day etc..
~ ~ ~ 
I know this post doesn't contain anything witty, ground breaking or inspirational, but this blog is a place for me to record bits of my life and I just wanted to take the time to record these two big things that happened recently. 
Bye for now, blessings and love to all ~ Linda

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