Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Friday, 26 February 2021

Feeling Poorly


Colin Campbell - Cooper 'Hollyhocks'
Shalom, Sorry it's been a month since I last wrote anything. It's been a busy time, blessed and also challenging. My only daughter had her 5th baby one month ago; their first little boy. He was delivered by 'C' section, which wasn't what was planned. She'd originally wanted a home birth, but through a series of events, which can only be put down to the Lord very firmly having His hand on our daughter, Isaac John was born at the hospital. He was breech and foot first. A home birth could have been disastrous as they live in the country. Here in the picture below, little Isaac is one month old, such a wee treasure and showered in kisses every day from all his sisters. Isn't God good !

Here at the homestead I got some sort of virus just after baby was born. I haven't been tested but don't believe it to be Covid, as there are no cases in our area and I haven't been anywhere. As I have asthma, any kind of cold/bug that I get inevitably goes to my chest, sucks all the life/energy out of me and it takes quite some time for me to get back on my feet with the full energy I had previously. This particular virus which I am still getting over put me in bed for four days and even now almost 3 weeks later my energy levels are still low. I'm eating well, take multivitamins, vitamin C, Zinc etc you name it I'm on it  :) but still I'm zapped. I know from previous episodes like this the best thing to ensure a full and lasting recovery is A little sunshine, fresh air and light exercise, if it's a warm day with no cold wind is okay and beneficial too. My problem though is my life is so full and busy with commitments that I just can't take weeks to get fully well? Do other people have this problem? I believe it to be quite common, especially for busy mums, people who work  outside the home and or work from home. We just don't rest like we need to. 

The other problem is there is no one to do the jobs if I'm not up to task.  Please understand I do have a wonderful husband and he does help where he can with simple meals and some housework when I am very sick...but illness just messes with my head. 
The only saving grace I have is prayer and knowing I can talk away to God about it all as much as I need. His word too is a great comfort to me and most often you will find me in the psalms. The way David prayed and laid it all out before the Lord assures me that I may as well just say what's on my heart as He knows anyway :)


One of the days  when I was in bed I was just so exhausted, and knew that we needed to eat something healthy, so I just dragged myself out of bed and put the crockpot on. I made chicken soup with as many vegetables as I could stuff in it, herbs, beans, split peas etc. We ate from that for several days. I even froze some of it...and yet the bug lingered on. But life carry's on and showers need to be cleaned, floors need to be mopped, washing must be kept up with...home business orders must be packaged, product needs to be made etc. In between doing chores, I made a cup of tea and sat on the couch until I had some energy to carry on again. 
On top of that my father went back into hospital and so my poor mum needs supporting and encouragement. He's out of hospital again now, but terribly thin and mum cares for him like a nurse.  

Oh Lord, you are my only strength, the one in whom I look to each and every day. Come in your power. Your word says by your stripes we are healed. I stand on those promises and speak them over so many other people I know, my dad and even my own self. Lord heal our Land, take away this scourge of disease from our world, that's caused such havoc and untold misery and grief. So much uncertainty..yet Oh Lord I seek your face, I trust in your unfailing love. I know my troubles, my bad breathing will eventually get better...I know these days that I have to drag myself though, where even just making the dinner requires a great effort will will return. You are ever so faithful God. I know this to be true, even though discouragement tries to camp outside the door of my heart and make me feel like I can't cope; I know leaning on you, and with encouragement from Holy Spirit you get me through. The sun rises on a new day. 

I'm still cooking, baking and caring for my family, trying to help my daughter, endeavouring to phone and let our other children know we love them and pray for them every day. These days are just not easy. I can't lament on and on about the difficulties, the tiredness when my lungs don't work as good. People get tired of hearing about it. But God sees and understands :) His ear is always attentive. He is only LOVE. I hope this little piece of writing isn't too dreary. I truly hope someone else who may have Asthma/allergies, who knows the exhaustion at times, will be encouraged to pour there troubles out to God, to rest in His loving arms.

Linda xo


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