Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Wednesday, 16 October 2019


Hi everyone :)
Sorry I've been gone so long. I thought I would show in pictures all I've been busy with. Life is good, apart from a little Spring fever (literally). Yes I've been under the weather, so I finally tucked myself up in bed today in order to try and finally kick this thing ! gobbling down a whole lot of Vitamin C. We are having a mix of weather..some sunny days..and also still cold winds occasionally and rain. I am not complaining about the rain, as every summer lately we have ended up with a drought, so it can rain all it likes for now :)
It's a joy to look out my kitchen windows and see blossom on the Greengage Plum tree and Apple Blossom out back - ever so pretty.
Whats blooming:

What I've been baking: none of it was THM (yikes)

Chocolate Meringue Pie (Hubby Fathers Day treat)

Apple Crumb Top Pie
(I was invited to join in on a collaboration on YouTube :)
and Butterscotch Meringue Pie - to take to friends for dinner.

~ Raspberry Slice ~
(the easiest slice in the world)

2 sheets of  sweet shortcrust pastry
Good quality Raspberry Jam

Icing Sugar - 1.5 cups
Butter - 2 Tablespoons
Vanilla - 1 teaspoon
 Pink Food Colouring - a few drops (otherwise it will be flourescent like mine)
Raspberry Flavour - about 1 teaspoon

1. Line a square tin with baking paper (parchment).
2. Turn the oven onto 180 C 
3. Lay one sheet of pastry over the base of the tin - prick with a fork.
4. Spread with jam (as much as you want) - within reason
5. Prick the second layer of pastry and lay carefully over the jam.
6. Bake in the centre of the oven for about 35 - 40 minutes or until the pastry
is cooked, but not too browned.
7. Remove from the oven and allow to cool. I cool it in the tin. Ice the slice :) and enjoy

Been baking sourdough bread as per usual - loaves and English muffins,
 at home and with the grandies :)

Kora buttering her sourdough bread stick - snakes she likes to make.
Poppy ate most of her dough :)
Kora's snakes - thickly spread with peanut butter and butter :)

~ Sourdough Pizza ~
Current 'Me' in my favourite home dress :) I got this dress and cardigan for about $2.00
each at the thrift store - and I'm very happy about that.

~Out and About ~

I live in a very very small town - population around 1800 people.
We went to an even smaller town 'Ongaonga'- about 8 minutes from where I live - population  about 50, but probably more in the surrounding farm areas :)
They held a Historic Village Fair and Market day - the 1st and it was a roaring success. 
Many of the locals dressed in historical costumes and all the free events
for children had an old world theme to them. It was such a joy to attend this. I think
around 4,000 people attended :) 
There were two lemonade stands, one was run by children - plastic cups (takeaway)
and the other one was run by some elderly ladies in costume with home made lemonade (in actual glasses) and homemade Ginger biscuits it was delicious :) 
Here are some photo's of the day.

Spiritual life: Soul Food
We watched a lovely movie on YouTube: This is the title onYouTube: The Courageous Mr Penn ~ True Story! ~ Very Rare Film (1942) It's the story of how William Penn founded Pliladelphia and Pennsylvania is named after him. I know Americans will know this. He was a Quaker. We enjoyed it.

During my quiet time I am reading through the bible again. I am currently in Genesis and read today the account of Hagar when she had to leave Abraham's household. It's strange that I can read a section of scripture often, but one day something pops out that I didn't see before. I had always thought God acted because of Hagar's sorrow, but it was the crying of her son that got God's attention. I found this  reading very encouraging. No matter how alone one may feel with a struggle, a hurt or a dissapointment, God hears all cries. He alone sees the sorrow and He is our great comforter. If we but cleave to Him, He will make a way out of the despondency. I have witnessed this in my own life, and I know it's true. 

And finally..just because I am a soapmaker after all :)
I wanted to share a picture of this bar of soap. I made a batch of Castile soap (only Olive Oil)
 about 1.5 years ago. This is the final bar. The lather is divine. I use this in my kitchen for my hands, but it could also be used for dishes. I also used other bars of it to wash my face as it's so
beautiful and gentle. I live the pure simplicity of it. Castile soap ages beautifully. little vintage soap dish holder is so sweet too.

 This is the view out my kitchen window :)

Bye for now sweet friends. I pray God's blessings over you all.
Enjoy whatever season your in :)
Linda xoxo
Please leave me a sweet comment, it brings me so much joy 
when you hang out with me here !


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