Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Tuesday, 13 December 2022

The Glorious Season


Hello dear friends and quiet followers,
Once again we find ourselves almost at the close of another year. We can reflect on all that has passed,
all the joys and sorrows. All the unexpected blessings, all the struggles we didn't know we would face, and the Lord was with us, right by our side the whole year through. Isn't it a comfort to look back and to realise that. It is for me. I know it's a busy time for so many people, but I wanted to take this opportunity while I have a quieter morning to just reflect on a few things and share them with you. I do love this season best of all !

What does Christmas mean for you?
For me, its the pinnacle of the year. It's the time I reflect on God loving our world so much that He sent His one and only Son. I don't think about that; Christ as a baby that much at any other time. I reflect on all God has blessed us with, all He helped us with and me personally as well. I think about ways I can share and bless others in need; whether that be with some home baking/fudge or in a monetary way. There are so many people struggling financially. If you can ease someone's burden and help them to also enjoy a lovely Christmas, then what joy is that!

I think about the special food we will eat at Christmas and all the preparation required to bring that feast to reality. I know you hear me mums out there :) It takes planning and a schedule to flow smoothly. To prepare things in advance so we're not left to do it all on one evening or day. I've already planned our simple menu, printed it out and have put it on the fridge door. I need to make a sponge for the Trifle, as this can be frozen. I'll make the Pavlova the day before and add the cream and strawberries Christmas Day. I've already made my Christmas cake (which is best made weeks before it will be eaten). If prepared and cooked correctly it will last well into the New Year. Our Christmas food is nearly almost the same each year, but we don't always have a turkey. Some years we have a BBQ, and cold ham as its often very hot here in New Zealand, but this year I'm going back to traditional as we will have a smaller group coming.

What special food do you eat in other parts of the world?

M E N U   2 0 2 2

  Roast turkey, stuffing, gravy    

   Cold sliced Ham   

Grainy salad with vegetables

Steamed new potatoes

Roast Pumpkin



Pavlova & Trifle

Maybe Jelly & Ice-cream too :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We will probably have nibbles to start. Also I think we will have our meal as a late lunch, instead of dinner, so family with little ones can get them home in time...we will see. Just thinking about it all gets me excited. We don't get to spend Christmas day with all our children as one son lives further away and he will arrive Boxing Day. Our daughter and husband will spend Christmas day with his family this year, so we will see them Christmas Eve. All this juggling happens in most families. We have to be flexible and considerate of others.

Do you have a Christmas tree where you live? We do, and I love to decorate it. This year we opted for buying a small (but very lovely) artificial tree. It's just easier for us now. Although I do miss the lovely piney smell. 

I remember all the different Christmases throughout my life (well not all of them - ha, my memory is not that great!), but I just think of decorating the tree with my sisters when we were little. There was a lot of crepe paper and tinsel :) We also made elaborate streamers going all across the living room ceiling in very bright colours. We would wrap up gifts for each other, which were often just our own toys, but then if we had an argument we would go and remove it from under the tree - I know how silly !! My mum would have us save our pocket money (half of it) through out the year and then we would drive into town to go to one of the big department stores and try to purchase gifts for our siblings with a tiny amount of money. Often it was just sweets.

Oh the joy and excitement of Christmas morning. We get to experience that all over again now, with our grandchildren, as I know many of you do to. We just delight in buying special things for them, knowing they will be so happy. 

I know some people don't celebrate Christmas and that saddens me, more for the children's sake than anything else, because it's so much fun for children. Plus they get taught about the real meaning of Christmas. There are opportunities to encourage them to think of others and how they too can share and bring joy. They get to learn about God's great love and mercy for this's all glorious to me :)

December is a time when I think about Mary the Mother of Christ and all she went through. I reflect on her quiet submission and obedience to God's will for her life. I think about the beginning for baby Jesus and then the simple humble life he led. 

Isn't it glorious? Isn't it just so lovely, that God had this all planned. What a joy to spend time reflecting on all this; how each person played their part, so that we can have this life in Christ now.

Thank you friends for visiting my blog; your kind comments have been like gifts to me this year.
~ ~
I don't know if I will get a chance to write anymore words here this year, but I may :)
~ ~
I pray you all have a blessed, Merry Christmas, that you will get to be with
family, and that you will know the joy and true meaning of Christmas
Much love ~ Linda

He Heals Us

Advent leads up to a birthday. At Christmas we celebrate him who said he came to free the oppressed and the imprisoned, to heal suffering hearts, and to stand by the forgotten: Jesus Christ. He showed us that God is not somewhere far off, but close to us, like a person who has come to visit us. Like a brother who lives and suffers with us. Like someone who loves us.

by Jörg Zink



  1. This is such a comforting and sweet message. The pictures are very dear! God bless you! Have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. and may God bless you and your family too Mrs White, thank you :)

  2. A beautiful post Linda. Merry Christmas and God bless!

    1. Thank you Amelia and God Bless your dear family too xo

  3. I am one of your "quiet followers" as you mentioned. I am glad you are attempting to blog some again. What I call your gentle and quiet manner and the truths you share here uplift.
    In answer to your question of what foods we eat for Christmas dinner, which we will eat around 4 pm;
    Beef tenderloin is the meat of choice, and I like to make Yorkshire pudding along with roasted vegetables which includes sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips and turnips. Some kind of green will be served,,, This year I also plan to make a French Onion Soup. I am considering a cheesecake for dessert...
    But when I was growing up baked country ham was the meat served on Christmas. My mouth still waters with the thought of the succulent, salty taste of the ham!
    Blessings to you!

    1. Dear Cathy, thank you for your sweet comment and especially sharing what you will eat for your Christmas meal !! I love people sharing these details as it gives me a visual image of other people's tables and what they enjoy. I have to agree with you about baked ham...oh my word !! yes it is wonderful. Merry Christmas to you and God Bless ~ Linda xo

  4. Thank you Linda for your comforting words. It's my forst Christmas without my dear husband, who passed away in October. I feel the healing touch of our Lord's hands every day.
    Food, well this year my daughter did a traditional English lunch, roast turkey, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables etc etc, and then Christmas pudding!

    1. Dear Elizabeth, I am so sorry to read about your husband. This Christmas must have been so very hard for you without him. I have another friend whose husband passed just a few days before Christmas. My heart goes out to you both. Love and prayers to you ~ Linda

    2. Elizabeth, I will pray for you, and Linda, I'll pray for your friend too. I just read on Cheryl's blog, 'Cheryl's Frugal Corner' that two ladies have lost their husbands too. One Christmas eve and one Christmas morning...I just can't imagine. We lost my step dad suddenly and it was horrible and I just can't imagine losing a husband like this...God bless and be with these precious widows in every way.... There are no words that seem adequate...But God hears our prayers and knows just what to do.

    3. Thank you Amelia. My friends name is Marilyn - Bless your caring faithful heart x

  5. It's been a while since you have posted and I miss seeing your content. I hope all is well! -- Elaine at

    1. Hello Elaine, thank you for your caring words. It's just a busy season for me right now. We've also had a terrible summer with bad weather and our area had a cyclone...just a whole lot of things. I will return one day. I do post on Instagram if you are there. Here is my link __thelittlehomestead__ My account is private and I only add woman, so you would need to put in a request :) Blessings to you ~ Linda

    2. Thank you for replying. I understand about busy seasons! I sent an IG request for your account and hope to follow you there. Your blog is very encouraging. -- Elaine


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