Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Power in the Word of God

Reading the Word of God, Faith and Prayer; they all kind of go together in my mind.
A.W Tozer would remind us that while the Bible is inspired and full of power, if those words simply remain on the page and are not applied to our lives; taking root in our hearts, then we rob them of any opportunity to equip and strengthen us in our daily lives.

It concerns me that so many Christians don't read their Bibles very often. It saddens me that in times of difficulty people will turn to everything else other than their bible and seeking God in prayer.   

I'm always mindful of and very thankful to my faith heritage that as a young christian I was encouraged and taught to read the word daily. Initially that was a discipline, but now after being a believer for thirty + years, reading my bible is a joy and something I hunger for first thing in the morning, just as much; if not more that I look forward to breakfast. I know prayer and feasting on the Word has grown and strengthened me greatly in my faith;especially during very difficult times. 

When I read the word it reminds me of how I am actually to live as a christian woman in this world today. It instructs me correctly, so I don't entertain false notions. So many christian woman are more influenced by 'quotes on facebook' and what other believers say or think, than knowing the truth about what the word actually says. If God doesn't say it in His word, then it is merely an assumption, someones personal preference, a dumbing down or simple human reasoning. If you study the Word in any great deapth, it won't take long to discover that God is Holy and He calls His people to be Holy; He is also unchanging.

I don't meet a lot of believers these days that truly Fear the Lord, and by that I mean 'revere' Him, and His Holiness. I say this because when I do meet someone that fears the Lord this way; it shines out of them and is evident in everything they do: the way they speak, serve, act, dress etc etc. 
It seems today many Christians are content to settle for less; when God calls us to higher ground in Him. They're content to plateau on some sort of 'this is enough' level; when NO,  we are called to continue striving, seeking, hungering for deeper fellowship, more intimacy and ultimately more of Christ's likeness to be evident in and through us; so God will be glorified.

~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~
When you look at these stone steps, may they bring to mind a 'well trodden path'. A path that leads to your prayer room, where you meet with the Lord in quiet intamacy and meditate on His Word. I pray I have a path that looks like this in the spirit.

~ ~ ~ ~
From my personal reading and meditating on the word of God this morning, specifically 2 Peter; Chapter 3, I was reminded that the whole purpose of both letters, 1 & 2 Peter is to remind all believers to be:
1. Stimulated towards wholesome thinking (2 Pet 1:3).
2. To always keep our hearts focused on the Lord
3. To be aware of those with little or no faith who will be scoffers, seeking to discredit the word, its promises and those who seek to live devout lives (2 Pet  3:3 ff)
4. Remembering the Lord is very patient and wants everyone to have an opportunity to 
come to faith in Him. 2 Pet 3:8 ff)
5. To live holy and godly lives; looking forward to the day Of God and speed its coming (2 Pet 3:11)
6. Since we are looking forward to this day, we are to make every effort to be found blameless
and at peace with Him (which is how we should be striving always). (2 Pet 3:14)
7. Since we know these things we are to be on our guard so as to not be carried away by false teaching (the error of lawless men) – therefore know your word !!! be in it daily. Make sure there is always oil in your lamp.  2 Pet 3:17

8. Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, 
giving Him the glory at all times (2 Pet 3: 18ff)

I would encourage anyone (and especially woman) who read this post to truly 
believe and trust that their is power, real supernatural power in the Word when
 it is believed on in faith and applied in our lives. 
Blessings and peace ~ Linda

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