Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Monday, 9 October 2017

O c t o b e r

Hi  :)
This is my 3rd attempt at posting a blog for this month :) It's basically just a run down of what I'm doing at the moment. I enjoy other people's blogs like that, so thought I'd just hurry up and post something. I saw someone else's blog and the format they followed was in an outline form. I think it was 'The Simple Woman's Daybook' ? blog. Anyway its supposed to link back to her page if you use that format, but it was quite lengthy, so I'm just improvising and doing my own, like I always do :) and saying most of it with pictures. Here I go...

My D A Y S:
O U R  G A R D E N , what I'm growing and whats blooming:
 plants drooping in the hot sun..which we had for a few day..many things to be planted: Spring Onions, Parsley, Capsicum, lettuces, Cosmos, Hydrangeas, Geraniums etc
I've also sown a lot of seeds in trays.. So far the Beans,  Corn, Cabbage and a few tomato seedlings have popped through :) I'm praying for a very bountiful garden this year, with plenty to share.

 Cox's Orange Apple Tree blossoming.

A view from my kitchen window..we've had a lot of rain this week, which the garden needed.
View from the front verandah
~ Snowball tree ~
Japanese Cherry Blossom
~ Clematis ~
~ Euphorbia ~
                                                             The promise of plums 
 ~ Magnolia ~

W H A T  I'M   B A K I N G: 

 ~ Apple Gingerbread ~

~ Caramel Slice ~

This slice is one of my old standby's. It probably gets baked about every 3rd week :) I havn't met anyone who doesn't love it.
Super Easy Yummo Caramel Slice

1 x Packet of plain biscuits crushed (eg. wine or arrowroot biscuits)
125 grams butter - melted
1 x Tin Condensed Milk (400 g)
1 Cup sultana's

1. In a large bowl, mix the biscuits and sultana's. 
2. Melt the butter on a low heat. Add the whole can of condensed milk and mix carefully until
it is fully incorporated. Add this mixture to the biscuits and sultana's. Mix well.
3. Line a square baking tin with baking paper. Spoon in the mixture, spread it around evenly.
4. Bake at 150 C for 35 minutes. 
5. Cool completely, then cut into squares and store in an air tight tin.

 - - - - - - - - - - - 

W H A T  I'M   R E A D I N G:
I read this book in two days. It was an awesome..very moving story.

Anything but Simple - by Lucinda J. miller
I started following Lucinda's Blog 'Properties of Light' (its added to my blog list) about a year ago and saw she had published a book. I couldn't wait to read it, and I was not disappointed !!!. She captured my attention from the very start, with her quirky personality and wonderful style of writing.
If your at all interested in Plain People - Amish/Mennonite etc, then this book gives you a very personal glimpse into one woman's life. I loved this book :)

What I'm praying for:
I know many people with cancer right now, so I'm praying for their healing. During my prayer time one morning, I was lamenting to the Lord about the craziness of the world right now...In my mind I saw a whirlwind, the things I don't understand that are happening in the world, were whirling around above me in this mighty front of me was a clear long path. At the end was the Lord. I felt encouraged to keep my eyes fixed on the clear path in front of me, not to get distracted by the craziness..just look to the narrow path and seek His face at all times ~ (it comforted my heart). 

- - - - - - - - - -

W H A T   I'M   S E W I N G:

I'm sewing 4 cushions to go on some wooden benches for outside. My daughter commented "they are very American Country looking". I said "I know, that's the style I like" :)

W H A T   W E ' V E   B E E N   R E D E C O R A T I N G
We finally got around to painting (well wonderful hubby did) our spare bedroom. Before the revamp it was a bright eggyolk yellow eeee and had humpty dumpty nursery rhyme curtains. Like I said, it was well overdue for a revamp. We ordered a new King Single bed with a trundle, instead of having a double bed in that room, so there's more space and I am so happy with it. I still need to add pictures to the walls etc, and hem that net curtain :) but I'll get to it eventually. Sorry the pictures are a bit dark. Its a darkish room, but it has the most tranquil feel to it. I am so very thankful to have it finished.

O T H E R   T H I N G S:
 I made a nourishing balm/butter for my grandaughter as she gets excema. The lovely shade of green is from Tamanu oil and Extra Virgin Avocado oil. It has the most lovely texture and soaks right in. I saved a little bit in a pot for us and use it on my hands every night. It's just lovely :)

Other than that I've just been gardening, helping hubby paint some of the outside of the house, cooking, wrapping soap (as per), and enjoying life. I have much to be grateful for and I try to thank the Lord every day.

Blessings to anyone who reads this ~ Linda


  1. Linda, I especially love your photo of DIRT with new little sprouts poking up. So much life and potential in that. Blessings!

  2. lol :) Thanks for stopping by Lucinda !

  3. Love the photo from your kitchen window thanks for sharing your day your photos and your prays . I just got back from a holiday in America. Very pleased to be home and away from the craziness over there

    1. Welcome back :) What a blessing to have a holiday !! and yes I agree there is no place like home.

  4. Love the photo from your kitchen window thanks for sharing your day your photos and your prays . I just got back from a holiday in America. Very pleased to be home and away from the craziness over there


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