Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Monday, 11 February 2019

Time is Precious

Hi friends and quiet visitors :)
Lately I have become very tired of the internet (but not this blog), and especially social media (but not my dear friends there), just a weariness of endless scrolling and some of the sort of things that are shared there).

 I found I was becoming stressed each time I would go to check my emails. Why? Because I had hit subscribe to too many sites and stores. The result: I was bombarded not just weekly, but often daily with sales and promotions. While some of them were good and I was able to snag a bargain, more often than not, it was really just enticing me to spend when I didn't really need to. So I unsubscribed.

Lately I've started wondering about the point of Pinterest. While I do love my boards,  how often do I ever go back and look at something or follow the link to something I pinned? In reality not very often and many times not at all. Yet I spend, or have spent in the past, many hours in the evenings 'pinning' things. I'm starting to think it's just another time waster. (yikes).

 I remember back to when my children were young, in those simple days before internet and cell phones. When I had a chance to sit after my chores were done I would pick up my cross-stitch, read the children a story or continue with something I was sewing. For a time I even had a small wood-working business where I hand painted small items, which I sold. This contributed a little bit of income towards our family budget and enabled us as a family to have a few outings or the money went towards purchasing birthday or Christmas gifts. I have always had an interest in some sort of craft. If it brought in extra income for the family, then that was an added bonus :)

I suppose I just don't want the time God gives me to be wasted in anyway. Time is precious, and I want to make sure that I am using mine well.

Some scripture:

Psalm 90:12
Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom

1 John 2: 17
The world and it's desires pass away; but whoever does the will of God lives forever

I Just Want To Be In His Will..each and every day...and not fritter away time on needless things.

Maybe what I have written here will speak to someone else? Maybe you too need to curb the time you spend online. Is your time spent online fruitful? Are you learning how to do things in a better way as a wife or mother, in the meals you cook, learning a new craft, how to budget better? encourage a friend? or are you just endlessly scrolling. Could the time be spent in the garden, cleaning the house, preserving food? writing an encouragement note? phoning a friend or parent?

These are some of the things on my heart. My daughter told me she desires to become better at hospitality in her home. I thought that was so worthy !! and is an area I too have become quite slack in. There are always areas in our lives that can be tweaked. Personally I am a hard worker...and sometimes find it hard to stop working. But even my down time I feel can be better spent.
This little piece of writing is meant to encourage, inspire and maybe even rebuke if you feel your truly wasting away your days.

Blessings to anyone who stops by ~ Linda

*As a side note, all these pictures were from Pinterest, ones I've saved over the years. I don't even know who the original source was. I hope no one minds that I have used them here.


  1. Yes it does Cinnamon Sugar :) Thanks for leaving a wee comment. Blessings to you. ~ Linda

  2. I've spent a bit of time on line improving my knitting skills. I've also spent too much time scrolling.

    I'm glad for the reminder tonight. I have spent time knitting today!
    Your friend abroad,

  3. Hi Laura, yes we can learn new things off the internet. I often watch tutorials on Youtube and have learnt a lot of things that way. Your knitting that you've shared always looks so pretty. I've never quite mastered knitting. Thank you for your sweet comment..and I forgot to say regards your other comment, it's exciting your daughter wants to plant up some vegetable boxes. We've lived in many houses over the years and no matter how small the patch of dirt, I always had to have herbs, flowers and a few vegetables. This house we have lived in for 12 years. When we first moved in I did not want to have to leave, so we planted fruit trees and are reaping plentiful harvests now. God is so good. Blessings to you sweet Laura :)


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