Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Sunday, 12 May 2019

All Things New

(furniture moved to one end while the carpet was laid)

Hi everyone, a month or so into 2019, I felt in my spirit it was going to be a year of things happening...change..progress..interruption, upheaval. It was to be an end to procrastination..and a time to complete unfinished projects and begin even more renovations on our old house. Actually we have been trying to improve this house for about 2 years..painting, replacing the roof etc.

..and it's all's exhausting..stressful..exhilarating...tiring...did I mention stressful? dirty, dusty..and when it's done..oh my, it's so rewarding.  In about 3 weeks we will begin working on the bathroom...I am preparing myself for major upheaval.. and as I am a tidy nut and don't like mess..dust..etc, this is a real challenge. We are having to dig deep, go with the process..and accept that our quiet simple days are going to be interrupted for a time. While parts of the reno are fun, other bits just do my head in, like what colout to paint the walls..I tried a whole bunch and ended up with half sisal..a lovely soft wheat colour. We've done a similar colour in 2 other rooms. It's very peaceful and calming to look at.We've had so many weekend where the whole house was covered in drop cloths and plastic while we painted and would drop into bed late..exhausted.

Anyway here's a whole bunch of pictures showing life right now. Other parts of life have been continuing a s per normal....bread, lunch, dinner and soap are still being made etc :) phew .. You will see the lounge stripped of the old carpet. The whole kitchen/dining/lounge covered in drop sheets. We painted the ceilings, walls..and got new carpet laid. We have installed a heat pump/air conditioning unit(s) oh joy :) The house is looking lovely and we are so thankful to God. Some of these projects we have waited up to 10 years for, as we couldn't afford it before. We have new doors and moldings around them in the living room..anyway enough are the pics. More 'after' ones to follow. Our little granddaughter Poppy came for the day when the carpet was being laid. She's having a lolly pop and sitting outside with Bruce, her grandad xox so sweet.

 {lounge emptied out, preparing for carpet..what a lot of cleaning that involved. The 
slab of concrete in the centre is where once their would have been back to back fireplaces
in this big old house - built in 1880 :)

 ..decisions ...
 ..arrghhh hated them all..went with half sisal.. :)

 ~Feijoas are ready in the garden ~
 Harvest soap
 Snowflake soap 
 Word Art I framed..scripture :)

Homemaking: now that life is getting a tad more normal at least in the living room/kitchen. I made a lovely sourdough pizza, harvested my Basil and hung it up to dry, baked bread, picked bowls of salad from the garden and all the while praised God for his goodness and bounty.

I prayed for years that the Lord would send help our way with this old house. Lo and behold the house next door sold last year and who should move in?? a builder with a lovely wife. We are so blessed. He charges us a fair price, works fast and does a great job. God's timing is always perfect.

My goal is to get back on here a lot more and share whatever the Lord inspires me with, as well as just ordinary life, soap making, home making etc.
Love to you all ~ Linda

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