Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Taking my time

Hello readers,
Last Friday I got busy with Spring cleaning as I wanted our home to have a fresh start for the season. Even though the house is generally tidy and vacuumed, still every now and then I like to do a really deep clean.

I got down on my hands and knees with a rag and bucket of water filled with disinfectant and a little detergent. I wiped down all the skirting boards and got right into the corners where dust seems to accumulate and the mop might not always get to on our wooden floors. I then vacuumed, polished, cleaned mirrors, dusted and removed cobwebs from ceilings. It took me about two and a half hours to do the whole house. I'd been planning this big clean for a couple of weeks and after it was done I was thoroughly worn out, but so happy I was no longer 'planning it' and had completed it. Everything felt so clean and fresh,loved and cared for.

So what's the big deal you might say, doesn't everyone cleans their house? yes of course they do, but what I feel the Lord teaching me, is that I need to be fully present with whatever it is I'm doing or planning to do and to not procrastinate.  I feel I need to truly focus on the task at hand and to do that job well, in a calm and thorough way and not hurried or with my mind everywhere but here, thinking about other tasks or things I'd rather be doing.

When it comes to home tasks I had these thoughts:
1. Preparing meals:
A. I want to prepare food in an unhurried fashion, having planned what we will eat either that morning or even the night before. I like to think about the meal and make sure it's balanced and healthy. I want to prepare it in a way where I'm grateful that God has provided work for my husband and that we have food on the table. I want to prepare it in a calm joyful manner and not with a spirit that feels burdened by cooking yet another meal. I often batch cook meals, which is simply cooking more than we need. This way I always have extra meals in the freezer for times when I'm especially tired or unwell. I also have food to share with others by doing this.

2.Cleaning the house:
B. I want to go about this task in a planned way. I know I need to vacuum, mop, dust, polish etc on a regular basis, and do some of these tasks daily so that I keep on top of things and it doesn't get out of hand. Cleaning a house properly is not an easy task as we all know. New dust settles every day and that in itself could be depressing, if I let it get to me. I want to clean with an appreciative spirit. Not everyone has a house, it truly is a blessing from God. My husband works hard and I feel it's my job to keep it looking fresh, clean and welcoming for my husband and anyone else who may come to visit. I often watch the 700 club, via the computer and Operation Blessing goes out to help those in need in poor countries. I see the houses these people live in, which are often little more than shacks. There have been many times in my life when things have been out of balance and I've put more attention into other things rather than keeping the house properly clean. I'm thankful God raised my awareness that I need to be a good steward of what we have. So whatever it is I'm doing, be it ironing, mopping, vacuuming - I want to do it thoroughly, and be thankful I have the tools, appliances, electricity and health to even do it at all. 

3. Gardening:
C. We have a huge garden and I never get on top of this and probably never will. It's too big for starters and there are too many invasive weeds. Some years I've been so busy with my soap business. I've put too much energy into that and the house and garden suffered yet again and also my relationships with people. I so easily get out of balance :(. I've blogged about this before. Now my approach is to try and do a little bit in the garden regularly. I keep some gardening tools by the back door: my trowel, gloves, kneeling pad, long handled hoe etc. Whenever the weather is good and I have a bit of time I just go out and pull a few weeds or hoe over the veggie beds to lift up any small weeds before they get established. I still have many areas I may never get too, as they require hefty digging and trimming, but I have to accept this and know we will never have a manicured property as we can't possibly employ a gardener....and that's okay. It is what it is. When I am in the garden I often forget about little problems and chat away to God, thanking Him for the beauty around me. I come inside feeling happier because at least i got a little bit done, and a little Vitamin D from the sun :)

4. Relationships
D. There is a quote I love 'Wherever you are, be all there'. It's so true. There is nothing worse than going out for coffee with someone and they spend most of the time texting someone else. Sometimes I've had people visit me and as I'm sitting with them I'm also mentally thinking of things I need to get done. I don't like that I do this. I don't think God wants me doing this either?  He created us for relationship, to serve others, to be there for them and to help and bear one another's burdens. I believe He wants me to be present, to fully engage, to set aside a portion of time for them, to truly listen, pray for them and be a 'friend'. They are my priority. Other things can wait.

Well friends this was on my heart and I just felt to share it. 
It's something I seem to need to be constantly reminded of. I am slow to learn it seems. 
Maybe someone else out there needs this reminder too?
It's a wonderful thing to have a family, friends and a home to care for
and it's equally lovely if we can go about these tasks
 with genuine care, attention and love. 
~ ~ ~ 

(Please leave me a comment if this has encouraged you in some way)
Blessings ~ Linda xo


  1. Hi There, I enjoyed reading your sweet reminders and every one of them are good ones! I'll have to look up those Operation Blessing videos, we used to always watch the 700 Club! Since 1980. : ) I saw the homes in Russia a few years ago, just typical of the families there. Here we would consider it a home of the poor.

    The phone habit has become an epidemic hasn't it? It's so humiliating to be on the receiving end of that, I think to myself...Why am I even wasting my time communicating with this person? Lots of distractions these days.

    Take care now, your blog is a sweet one! Blessings!

  2. Hi Amelia, thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment :) We only discovered the 700 club last year lol !!! Houses - cost etc is such a funny thing. Property is hugely expensive here in New Zealand and now to buy even a basic 3 bedroom home would cost around $350,000 to 650,000 depending on where you live here. So many young people now are finding it too hard to save for the deposit of nearly $100,000, especially if they are on one income. I suppose everything is relative. I know a comparable home in Ohio, U.S for example would probably cost around $65,000. On another note my husband has gone cell phone free :) and he is not missing it..not me though :) ~ Blessings to you !!


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