Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Just Before...

Just before…

There’s something magical about the moment ‘just before’ that always grabs at my heart.
This morning as I was working out, and listening to Misty Edwards beautiful voice these thoughts came to me….

The moment just before a wave breaks, as it builds, rolls and then crumbles, in a thundering crescendo.

The moment just before I break through in worship....and have that intimate encounter with the Lord...I feel it building...the anticipation
The moment before a flower opens, its bud so tightly furled, only revealing a little of the beauty contained within. Then slowly it  unfolds and I get a glimpse of something amazing about to happen.

The moment before the leaves fall from a tree in Autumn.  Such a symphony of colour displayed before my eyes. A palette of reds, yellows and deep oranges.  I almost take the beauty of it all for granted, then before I know it, I realise I was actually  living  in that moment of ‘just before’, as the leaves one by one start to fall and the stillness of winter arrives once again.

..and finally the most beautiful -  the moment just before a soul gives their heart to God. God has witnessed the struggle, the misconceptions of the world, then the moment finally comes…the revelation comes to the heart, the eyes are opened and the soul steps forward, and into the arms of LOVE that waited there all along.  What must that moment  be like for God, who sees and knows?

There’s nothing quite like that 'just before moment’…I’m sure we each have many of them stored in our memories and in our hearts.
Just wanted to share this thought. Blessings to anyone who reads this J

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