Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Thursday, 2 March 2017


Hi again,
I just wanted to pop on quick and share a few things. I've been packaging up soap today and I'm very happy with the results. Its the Lavender Honey Soap, that' s shaped like honeycomb.  I shared a few pics of it a few posts back..Here's a pic of it all packaged up.

Plus a few other things and thoughts to share..

This year has been a busy year for several reasons - just over a year ago we were just about to redecorate a spare bedroom and then our middle son asked if he could move back home for a while. As it was all so sudden we didn't get around to doing any painting..and so the tin of paint sits :) Anyway having Lou home with us again was great news, as we didn't get to see a whole lot of him or  his son Alex (our grandson), who comes to stay every second night. This all meant quite a bit of adjustment for all of us (them included). As for me, it meant more cooking, cleaning, laundry etc..but so much joy along with it all. So its been about a year or so now, and our son is planning on getting his own place again soon-ish :) We will miss them all terribly when its time for the next chapter in their life !!

Little Alex (about 3 years)

When I was down in the garden today, picking yet more many in fact I had to go back up to the house and get a container.. (You may think - "Oh no, here she goes, on about those jolly tomatoes again"!!! :) but its true, there were so many tomatoes, I couldn't fit them in my hands. So as I was on my way to get the container I passed the plum tree, which I had assumed had no more plums..but lo and behold there were still more !!! so I picked a few..and as I got to the end of the row I saw 2 beautiful scented roses - a lovely deep red. They were well opened and the petals about to fall, so I just gathered them all in my hand and went and put them in the dehydrator. I love to use the petals in face masks, bath bombs, soaps etc


Our apples and pears are beginning to ripen and fall from the trees.


Anyway as I was picking those tomatoes I was reminded of the whole story behind this summers abundance. For the past 3 years I had not been able to grow very many tomatoes and would end up having to buy enough to make Salsa for bottling. The tomatoes either didn't yield much or they got some sort of disease. I was so discouraged by it all that I even considered not planting any this year. 

So one day while I was out in the garden sighing and trying to think what to do..I felt the Holy Spirit guide me and suggest planting them down the back of the section by the church shed, where nothing but weeds, an Elderberry and a Sturmer Apple tree were growing. 

Now some may think this is a bit 'kooky' ...being guided in the garden !!! well its not the first time, so I know to listen as the results are always good. So even though I doubted that it would make much difference with the tomato problem, I chose to be obedient and went ahead and purchased several different varieties. 1. A Yellow Beefsteak. 2. A no acid pear shape one. 3. A couple of different sort of Cherry tomatoes. 4. One other sort :) which did okay up on the top section area, even though the plants themselves look somewhat stunted. 

All summer I've been able to see that garden by looking out my kitchen window. I noticed a large amount of green tomatoes growing very well in the new I was pleasantly surprised !! Now that summer is coming to it's end they continue to ripen and I have managed to make everything I ever wanted to from those plants - salsa, relish, some for freezing and maybe even some pasta sauce. 

 As I was picking them today and feeling so blessed by the abundance, I remembered the Lord comforting me a few years back when money was a  bit lean. He assured me then that everything I needed was close at hand. I was to be reminded of that promise time and time again. as I was able to do quite a lot of foraging and preserve food that grew very close to home.  And this Summer has been no different. So I just wanted to share this little story about abundance and the Lord's leading. He also placed this scripture on my heart a month or two back. 

Proverbs 3: 5 - 6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge Him
and He shall direct your paths.

In sharing this story of his leading, I feel I am acknowledging Him and giving Him the glory, as so often my trust and faith is dependent on what I can 'see', what I 'think' will happen and not leaning on HIM !! where I should be resting.

Bye for now ~ Blessings to anyone who read this (Linda)

P.S. My magazine Bruce brought me as an extra little gift for our anniversary. Its my favorite and I have been saving it for well over a week without reading it. Its too special to read - silly I know. I love these magazines, because they don't really date. They have wonderful recipes and are full of gardening tips and pretty cottages..just perfect. I'm waiting for just the right moment, when I know I can read un-interrupted  with a cup of coffee and a slice of something yummy, hopefully this weekend!!!


  1. Love this writing!
    Title tells it all, your writing brings to life.

    Blessing over Lou and Alex. Know in your heart it's been what you were brought to for your family...memories made. the reaping harvest of your tomatoes ��
    You listened, trusted and obey.
    Enjoy the fruit and cook lots of delish dishes.

    Yes....loving the new soap. Enjoying mine, and and such s cute design.
    It's been merry to share time in you blog.
    Blessing xo

  2. Hope this is your weekend for quiet cuddle time in your favorite chair and favorite tea and enjoy your gift from Bruce of your magazine. Well done Bruce ��

    1. Thank you sweet Marion :) Yesterday and today have been big soaping days for me (fun)..I'm cranking it out !!! I'll certainly be looking forward to some time of resting and reading that magazine..I still havn't lols. So lovely to know you stopped by this blog and lingered long enough to leave a sweet comment. People are so busy these days...we just don't engage like we once did. So thankyou xox I love knowing people have stopped by..hugs to you. Have a lovely day !!!


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