Two wings lift a person up from earthy concerns: simplicity and purity. Simplicity should be in intention, purity in feelings. Simplicity reaches out after God, purity catches hold and tastes. ~ Thomas A’Kempis

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Changing Seasons

 Hello :) and happy belated Easter to you all,
I know as a Christian the birth of Christ, the death, burial and resurrection and Pentecost are the most significant events we get to celebrate, reflect on and give thanks for. I pray that this Easter for you was a memorable and joyful time. A time when you were able to be lifted up from earthly concerns and simply focus on all that Christ has done for you.

In my corner of the world we celebrated this way: On Sunday we hosted our little house church here (we meet in different homes) and a wonderful message was shared about the Passover and how the Israelites needed to obey God's command to put the blood of a firstborn, year old lamb or goat over the doorposts of their house so the angel of death would pass-over their homes and no one would die. Then their was an explanation of how Jesus is our Passover Lamb today. When we participate in taking communion, Jesus blood covers and protects us. When God looks at us He sees us as spotless, made righteous by His Son's blood and sacrificial death. It was a very meaningful, rich time of worship and fellowship. :)

Scottish minister Horatius Bonar wrote: Upon a life I did not live, upon a death I did not die; another life, another death, I stake my whole eternity. 
(I love this)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In other news - It's Autumn here now, and it just happens to be my 2nd favourite season; Spring being my first. :) It's a wonderful drawing in sort of time for me and there's a slowing down that I relish. More time is spent indoors and less on the garden as things finish off out there. I'm not a hot weather girl anyway so the cooler days suit me very well too. 

My mind slowly turns to warming foods such as soups and stews, to making sure blankets and quilts are washed and aired and also sorting through our wardrobes, putting away excess summer clothing to make room for bulkier Winter woollies. 

On Good Friday we drove 3 hours to Lake Taupo for the day to pick up a large cupboard that we purchased for our bedroom. I've said in other posts that the storage in this old house was not very good, and as I'm the sort of person that likes everything to have it's place, its meant we've either purchased more storage cupboards or had extra things built. The wardrobe in our room is small - its divided into two sections (half mine, half my husbands) and I've always found it squashy and inadequate, so that's why we finally (after 14 years) purchased an extra one. The lady we bought it from said it was handmade by a Dutch man and I love it. It's very roomy and the drawers slide out well too. It's just perfect for what we need. I'm including some extra pics so you can see the set up.  It's actually like a large cupboard with two big drawers at the bottom, so now I have plenty of room to store everything. 

*Please excuse the hideous lime green stripe around the wall. We are yet to decorate this room lol :)

My husband also added extra shelving in his little wardrobe for clothes and shoes (and he's happy with that much space) - men lol - and he has separate drawers for other clothes too. That's all my scarves hanging on the door :)

It's all in an effort to reduce clutter, so I can vacuum easily and not have any shoes or other things on the floor to slow things down, or to gather dust. If you hadn't noticed organisation is one of my favourite things to do :) I've slowly worked my way through every room, cupboard, pantry, hot water cupboard etc in the house and I even tidied up the little area under the sink to make everything more assessable. Who else likes doing this sort of thing in their home? Is it only me, or does this sort of activity bring you a feeling of peace and calm as well? It's the orderliness of it all that I love too. I know exactly where a thing will be when needed so it saves time as I don't need to go in search of it :)

Just more Autumnal joyful images.... stacked firewood, plain biscuits filled with bran and spices, neatly trimmed hedges - all things I appreciate.

Autumn is a sensory experience too: I do love all it's sounds - the crunch of leaves underfoot, rain on the roof - especially at night and the crackle of the fire which will be lit as we get ever colder weather. I like feeling the wind on my face as I go outside to get the washing in or to pick a late apple. It's all good. It's seasons, its life and continuity. It's familiar and that brings me peace.

~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I felt my last post was a bit dreary (even though its my real life) and mostly just concerned my own health and that of my parents. I am very pleased to say mine has greatly improved, but my Dad still has ongoing health issues - because of his heart, diabetes and his age (80 yrs).

Over the past two years it's caused me to have to make changes in my life so that I can be more available to visit and support my mum and also take times of rest so my own health remains stable. I'm often one to balk at change, but really it's God's way of nudging me ever so gently to help me to reprioritise and to be available in a joyful way and not with a stressed or grudging spirit. It's meant I'm not as busy with my business (out of necessity) and I think that's a good thing too, as more balance has come back into my life. I'm getting my priorities right again. My home is cleaner and tidier too :)

This year I consciously chose to not do as much preserving/canning at the end of summer as I've done in other years because I just didn't want to feel as stressed or weighed down with it all. I wanted to enjoy my days more and do other things, and I can tell you it's been good. As I said earlier I've mostly been focusing on cleaning and organising our home and helping my parents. 

My ultimate goal is 'balance' in life, relationships and in the home. I want to have a place for everything, preferably in a cupboard or on a shelf and if theirs no room for it and we don't use it much, then it is given away or donated to the op shop/thrift store. I want to have more time for people and there needs. I need to take care of my health - it's a major investment... and I think it's working too :) Everything in my life is flowing better. I first started talking about al this a few years back, how I felt my life was out of balance and that I wanted change. I'm starting to see the fruit of all that effort now.

I like this quote by Sarah Young (based on scripture): Each moment you can choose to practice My Presence or to practice the presence of problems. 

Problems won't actually just go away on their own (although sometimes they do :), but usually something needs to be done. My attitude and what I do about them is what's important. Having a plan is necessary. Being prayerful and purposeful each day is another vital key and having achievable goals means I will gradually make progress and good changes will come. The Lord has been helping me to be focused and I am grateful :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well I think I will close with a pic sweet little Freya in a splashy tub - our oldest son Max and his wife Marias wee girl, dear wee Isaac John (newest little grandson) and also one of Laura Joy and Poppy May. Don't they just bring so much joy, these little grandies. I think they are the icing on the cake of this life. 

~ Poppy and Laura Joy ~
eating Smores.

*Be blessed and thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate you all so much xox ~ Linda


  1. Such a lovely post Linda.

    I have been really quiet of late, mainly because my Mum is not well. She took sick on the 1st January and life has turned upside down since. It is turning into a real struggle.

    I had the same sort of plans for this year but haven't achieved much yet. I did start sorting through "stuff" to donate but it has fell by the wayside. However I have tidied both spare rooms and removed extra clutter and now they look nice and neat. Still a long way to go to be fully organised. I think it is a lifelong job, but you are right about peace and calm when completing a home chore. Blessing our homes.

    Love the big cupboard you got to organise things, it will definitely serve you well. And love those beautiful Grandie photos, such precious darlings.


    1. Lovely to hear from you Tania :)
      and so sorry to hear your mum isn't well. I understand the struggle this is. I did notice you hadn't posted in a while and was hoping everything was okay. Your probably like me and when family needs you, you just drop everything else and help..(hugs to you). I just don't know how some people seem to be having situations in their life yet they are still posting videos on You Tube and on social media all the time. I purposed in my heart to be 'fully there' with a situation or person and let other things like social media take a back seat. You still sound like you've done a lot in your home :) even though you've been helping your mum :) so be encouraged. Thanks for your sweet words about my grandies, I do love them so much !! Prayers and hugs to you ~ Linda

  2. I adored this peek into your life, your thoughts, our savior's death and resurrection and your family.
    Hugs to you! I'm trying to organize and tidy more now that I've healed from the last surgery. I'm putting off the next surgery for awhile just so that I can feel normal!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Thank you for your kind words Laura xo Your often in my thoughts and prayers. You've been through so much, and God has grown you through it to be even more compassionate and gentle. Your a blessing in my life. I'm saving your letter to open this weekend :) when I have time to enjoy it properly :)


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